Personal Geography

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I walk in a landscape that is alive and reveals my identity and I look closely at my personal geography. Time changes and I live my memories while I’m aware of the earth responding to my footsteps. And all my loves walk with me, as I watch the dew dangle on the tips of the grass blades and soak the toes of my shoes.

I am overwhelmed with my move to a place where the landscape inspires my dreams and my daily movements. I start my day sipping strong coffee and watching the early morning sun reveal the new but familiar landscape.

I start my art with shapes that are familiar– patterns and colors that create a remembrance of the experience. I try to represent pieces of a world full of mystery–connecting the visible and invisible worlds, the material and the spiritual.

If I can spend a few minutes, or perhaps an eternity, watching the colors on the horizon change at the end of the day and listen to the shadows speak to me softly, then I can close my eyes at night and prepare for the next day filled with dreams that are at once both new and familiar.

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